Meet Suzanne

Hi, I’m Suzanne Hume. This is my story about how I went from a professional dancer to the corporate world of advertising to Pilates.

So how has Pilates helped me and what compelled me to want to teach it?

Here is my journey…

My body had been my tool for years and now I was understanding it even better than I had before and experiencing the  benefits of Pilates first hand.

Suzanne Hume   

I realised that Pilates treats the whole person and truly achieves a balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit, just as Joseph Pilates intended.  

Suzanne Hume   

“I never looked back as my body adjusted quickly to the new discipline which has allowed me to enjoy pain free movement once again.”  

Suzanne Hume   

As a busy working Mum with two teenage girls and 2 dogs, it’s easy to forget to take care of my own well-being and I know that I am not alone in that. Juggling work and family life can be a challenge to say the least.

My personal journey into the world of Pilates has allowed me to find time and space for myself doing an exercise I love, which ultimately has brought huge benefits both physically and mentally. I’m passionate about Pilates and I’m excited to share my experience and show you how it can benefit you too.

Suzanne Hume - Pilates Instructor

My Life before Pilates!

After a successful career as a professional dancer where my body was certainly put through its paces, I moved into the corporate world of advertising in London. It wasn’t until I started a family & having relocated to Suffolk that I revisited my first passion & opened Suzanne Hume School of Dance in 2006.

My Journey to Pilates!

As a stereotypical dancer with too much flexibility & still very active, the impact on my own body was taking its toll with early stages of degeneration in my hips & lower back. High impact aerobics, weights and spin classes no longer helped to alleviate my symptoms, so another course of action was needed & I tried Pilates. 

My Passion for Teaching!

In love with Pilates, I moved quickly from student to teacher embarking on my initial training with an education program by Balanced Body based in America. With the teaching skills I already had, I found the transition to this ‘new’ exercise form very natural and enjoyable & I was excited to bring it to other adults.

The physical benefits I achieved!

Life’s habits and not looking after your own physical health eventually catches up with you…for example, muscle weakness and imbalance, the lack of spinal mobility, the loss of deep core muscles, an overworking back, all bring about bad posture and impact the physical body negatively.

Once I started to look at the fundamentals of the Pilates discipline and incorporated them into my daily life . I was able to undo my issues without any physical intervention or long term drugs.

Better still my general well-being improved and I my body felt stronger, leaner and longer!

The mindful aspect too!

  Not only that but I enjoyed and benefited from the mindful aspect of the class with its focus on breath, as well as the sense of well-being that can be achieved from group exercise. The total Mind, Body, Spirit experience!

I am passionate about bringing the benefits of Pilates to life for you too, to help you achieve a ease of movement and a balanced and functional body which is both strong and flexible.

I turned around the issues I was experiencing and I know that with support and some time and effort you can too. So why delay, start you journey today!


I joined Suzanne’s Pilates class as a complete novice, having been advised that I needed to improve my core strength after developing a weakness in my back. Suzanne is a fabulous tutor, constantly explains the moves / position, even if you are well practised, and reminds the class of the small adjustments you need to make. She is very encouraging and gives everyone in the class a choice as to the level of difficulty you can do. We are currently continuing classes virtually and these have worked really well. This is down to to Suzanne’s approach which includes demonstration and talking through the moves and has been such a tonic whilst we have been enduring the new Covid 19 world. The key to any class such as this is the tutor, and I can’t speak highly enough of Suzanne. I urge you to try it! What have you got to lose?

Karen Brumpton

My osteopath recommended that I try Pilates to help with long term back and knee issues. I joined one of Suzanne’s classes in February 2020 and after a few weeks started to feel the benefits. Suzanne gave clear instructions to the class and demonstrated each exercise so we felt confident about trying each exercise for ourselves. Suzanne monitored how each member of the class was doing each exercise and suggested how to make adjustments where necessary. With lockdown in March 2020 I did not want to stop doing the exercises and I was glad that Suzanne has continued to provide her classes online. Many of the exercises are now familiar but Suzanne keeps the sessions fresh by building on the familiar exercises as we get stronger and introducing new exercises. I can feel that I am stronger and have found my core muscles! Thank you Suzanne. I think Pilates and I will be friends for life!

Janes Jones

I started pilates with Suzanne nearly two years ago. As a total beginner I have really enjoyed the journey, both in terms of growing strength and flexibility and also being able to progress to more fun and adventurous exercises, whilst making new friends.
Pilates is one of my highlights of the week, an hour to focus 100% on myself and exercise has been great for the body and the mind. I would routinely need to adjust my rear view mirror in the car following the session, as I was literally sitting taller!
Pilates during the Covid restrictions has been a huge comfort, I was apprehensive about how it would work online but needn’t have been. Suzanne guides us through in the same clear, calm and fun way as the in person classes and her trained eye still spots the poor form and prompts us to adjust.

Nicola Hancock

So what are you waiting for?