At Triform Pilates we offer small and intimate group mat classes for men and women of all ages and abilities.

Read on to help you navigate which level of class may be suitable for you.

Mature couple carrying their Pilates mats

Beginner's Induction

A Beginner’s Induction Block is a 6 week course for someone who has never done Pilates before, so an absolute beginner! It is, however, also suitable for someone with a little experience, a relapsed student or simply someone who wishes to revisit the basic Pilates Principles. These Principles give the student the tools to understand the key aspects and benefits of Pilates, whilst educating about optimum posture, spinal mobility, pelvic stability, breathe, flow of movement and so much more. It is essential to ensuring maximum benefits and safe practice moving forward.

The Pilates offering can be very broad and each Pilates instructor may have different terminology, a different teaching style and often quite different exercises, so if in doubt please start here!

Group class doing Hundred

Beyond the Induction

The levels build in particular in terms of breadth of exercises and the pace. There is a degree of fluidity in particular between Higher 2 to Higher 4 as the beauty of the Pilates repertoire is that each exercise has many layers of difficulty, thereby a student can work to a level that suits them with support from the instructor. 

At Triform Pilates, there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst students and we aim as much as possible to keep students together right from the Beginner’s Induction Block. This means that once you start a class then your class time will rarely change and the level of the class will in fact change to suit the students progress. With our busy lifestyles this means that once committed and unless you want to change, your classes will just keep rolling!

To help you choose the Level that is right for you.


A moderately paced class building gentle on the Beginner’s Induction course to further develop knowledge and understanding of the Pilates Principles and basic exercises. A good backbone for confident and safe practice.


With the Pilates fundamentals now known, pace picks up and a broader variety of exercises are now covered. The beauty of Pilates being that with the help of the Instructor each exercise is layered so can be easily adapted to suit each student.


A good intermediate level for those that have attended Pilates for at least a year and a student who is now familiar with the Pilates exercises and has a degree of independence to their working as the pace and breathe increases.


A broader knowledge of the Pilates repertoire is needed and the student is now competent with the Pilates discipline and the exercises. Pace picks up and the class becomes more dynamic as we move towards the a higher of an Intermediate level.


There are no limits for progress except to ensure safe practice. For those students that want to really challenge themselves & maybe even work up a sweat! This class is not for the faint-hearted & a good knowledge of the Pilates repetoire is needed!

All classes are personalised and interactive – achieved from the small class sizes and the individualised teaching style of the instructor. For more information follow the links below or get in touch to book a class!


Small equipment is supplied and included across all classes, they keeps the class fresh and enable additional challenges and adjustments as needed. Equipment includes:

  • Foam Roller
  • Pilates Ring
  • Small Ball
  • Hand Weights
  • Bands
  • Spiky Balls